My journey began with the feet of Jesus today. The literal feet of Jesus. I figured they would be dirty as he was always wearing sandals in the sand. His sandals were brown, his cloak was white linen, and his coat was deep crimson red. I could hear the ground crunch underneath his sandals as he walked through the forest, using the trees as His guide. We were walking towards an opening, but slowly and taking our time. I wanted to teleport over to the opening… but He kindly looked at me and said, “Didn’t you notice that I walked everywhere I went? I am not in a hurry.”

We came to a small hill and we walked up. Out before us was a lake, with maybe a hundred people gathered around. We were in a cove, with a small rocky beach round the outside of the lake. In the middle was a man, proclaiming that the Messiah would be coming soon. He was a a simple looking man, with simple clothing, but a voice that could be heard across the entire lake. As he spoke, I could see a giant angel behind him, moving his hands in the same way this simple man was. I looked at you… you simply pointed at John and smiled. You were happy to see him.

We walked down the hill to the edge of the lake where all the people were gathered. You could have parted the sea of people… but you didn’t. You gently touched each person on the shoulder. The moment you touched them, they knew that You were the One. Some turned and smiled. Some cried. Some were surprised. Some were fearful. But all moved to the side so we could get to the edge of the lake.

I watched as you began to walk into the water. You didn’t run. You just began to walk towards John. When we saw you, his face lit up. Fireworks seemed to explode in his eyes… You were here. You were real. You were YOU. He ran towards you, water gushing from side to side as he tried to push through the waist-deep water.

You hugged each other, like long lost brothers who had been apart for far too long. You put your forehead on John’s, arms on each other’s shoulders, and John began to weep. In that moment, it felt like a father embracing his son and a mother wanting her son to know that he is deeply loved all wrapped up in one affection.

You raised John’s eyes to meet yours, and we all knew it was time. You turned to the side as John put his hand on your head. John began praying but I couldn’t hear him. All I could hear is the melody, “I will wait for you, I will wait for you, I will wait for you to come…” You laid back into the water as the sky cracked open.

Like a movie, I saw you go underwater in slow-motion. The water crashing around you, the deep blue green of the water, the sun piercing through the water, the way your hair moved in the lake, the way the algae moved from side to side, and the gentle hand of John behind your head. As if on a skipped CD, I saw you get baptized on repeat — crash in the water, crash in the water, crash in the water, crash in the water… until I looked and saw Your face. It was lit with the sun from above the water and you were smiling. In this moment, prophecy became reality.

When you came out of the water, the entire place erupted into dance. I could see you and John dancing, everyone on the beach dancing, and the thousands of angels in the sky dancing. We all sang out together, “Lord, won’t you come! Lord, won’t you come! Lord, won’t you come!” as we waived our hands in the air from side to side, faces singing towards the sky. The beasts of the lake were moving with us in unison as we had a dance party with angels that were made of light.

You made your way back towards me, puffy and red me as I was obviously singing and crying and dancing with the angels. I were soaking wet but you just smiled. You put your arm around me and simply said, “Well, that was fun!” We both began to laugh as we walked back into the forest, listening to John proclaim the Gospel as we went.


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