I Wasn’t Done..


After such a moment, I knew that I wasn’t done. I started the song again. You smiled at me and said, “Where are we going next?”

I started think about all these places. I took myself out of the moment. In the back of my mind, I was thinking “Stay here. Stay here. Stay here. Don’t move. Stay with Him.” But my mind started racing. My old house? What about the mountains? I love the mountains. What about a park? And then… I felt you. I just looked at you.

And there we were in a field of wildflowers. It is a place you have taken me before. It has trees in the distance and rollings hills. The flowers are wild and beautiful, mostly purple and white and yellow. The air is clean and the sun seems constantly at dusk so there is always a glow about this place. We start walking through the field together, the same white dress I was wearing in my last vision. We were walking towards the horizon, towards this tree that felt like home. We laid beneath the tree like the closest of friends, watching stars dart across the sky.

You asked me, “What would make you smile?” And suddenly hundreds of angels were dancing in unison before me to the worship song I was listening to in my car. It made me giggle and then I was in awe. It was so beautiful to see light dancing for me, like a boquet of hand-picked flowers flowing in the wind because that is all my heart desired. I laid back, rested my head on your chest, knowing that I was starting to notice You.

I knew that you just wanted to be there with me. I just wanted to be there with you. I got up, and began to dance. I remember I felt so free, so fully alive, like there was no move I couldn’t do. I lept around this field of wild flowers when I noticed a blue wind dancing in unison with me. I knew the Holy Spirit was dancing with me. The longer we danced, the freer I became, the closer the Spirit came, and the more we became like one.

Suddenly, I was floating towards the sky, I was going up though the clouds and I went to through the atmosphere. The lyric, “I wanna see through your eyes,” was on repeat in my car. I just breathed, “I am not in a hurry.” I was in the cosmos. I was in the heavens. I was on the brink of seeing something I had never seen. I looked up and saw a green light…

And once again, my song ended.


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